No Gum Disease for the Holidays!

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The holidays are upon us and we want you to have a healthy and happy holiday season! Here are a few tips to make sure you protect your teeth from developing gum disease or periodontitis.

Go Sugar-Free! When indulging in sweets, try to opt for sugar free choices. From sugar free candies and chocolates and switching your coffee sweeter, there are many options to make this easy choice.

Chew Gum After Eating. Chewing gum promotes saliva in your mouth which can help wash away bacteria that may be lingering. Just make sure that gum is also sugar-free!

Bring the floss! Heading to a family dinner? Bring that floss in your purse for after. Getting in-between your teeth sooner rather than later will help prevent against gum disease.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

– Niagara Periodontics

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