Crown Lengthening: Functional + Cosmetic!

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A relatively common treatment for gingivitis (gum disease) or if you want to cosmetically enhance your smile, is to lengthen your crowns. A crown is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to restore shape, size, strength and appearance. The treatment specifically removes part of the infected gum line which reveals more of your teeth.

Gum shaping is a treatment used to help make gums appear more regular. It is used when the gum line limits are pushed and it is known as a “gummy” smile. The higher your gums are, the shorter your teeth look. This is why the treatment is known as crown lengthening as it makes your teeth appear longer post procedure.

Reshaping your gums is also a good procedure if you have gum disease. Advanced gum disease can cause separation between the gums and teeth. In these spaces, bacterial infections flourish! Contouring the gums and using crown lengthening helps to reduce these spaces and bacteria growth is hindered.

If your gums are inflamed with gingivitis or if your smile is crowded by your gums, call Niagara Periodontics today to discuss crown lengthening as a possible solution!

– Niagara Periodontics

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