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Gum surgery sounds worse than it actually is. Gum grafting may be necessary for you to protect your teeth from damaging effects of gum recession or simply just want to improve the appearance for your smile.

When your gum tissue surrounding your teeth begins to pull away, it shows more of the tooth and the root becomes more exposed. Many people don’t notice that their gums have receded, because the process is gradual.

There are a few different types of grafts, which are defined by where the issue comes from. Your dentist will be able to specify which type is best for you. You will be able to go home following the procedure and be able to return to work or normal activity the day after the procedure.

This will improve the overall appearance of your smile and help prevent tooth and bone loss.

To find out if gum grafting to heal receding gum lines is the right procedure for you, contact us at Niagara Periodontics today!

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