Why Crowns + Bridges?

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Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetics which helped to fix damaged teeth. They are cemented to the teeth or implants. 
When would you need a crown? Other than to help repair a damaged tooth, a crown can also be used on top of an implant to give it a tooth like structure. They can be made of porcelain or ceramic and colour matched to your teeth.
Bridges are used when you are missing one or more teeth. The gaps caused by missing teeth can cause your other teeth to shift or rotate. This can create a “bad bite” or lead to gum disease or TMJD. 

While crowns and bridges can last you your entire life, they may need to be checked from time to time. A bridge can lose its support from other teeth due to gum disease. Make sure to practice good oral hygiene to help maintain them. 
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– The Niagara Periodontics Team 

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