What is Esthetic Crown Lengthening?

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Do you want to remove the excess gum tissue on your teeth to improve your smile? For some people, the teeth may appear shorter than normal due to excess gum tissues. To correct this cosmetic dental flaw, your periodontist may recommend you to have Esthetic Crown Lengthening procedure.

By exposing the full contour of the enamel and repositioning the gum line, you can achieve a perfect smile without the excess gum tissues, and this is possible though esthetic crown lengthening. The main goal of this procedure is to establish correct gingival contours while showing the complete crown of the tooth.

Apart from cosmetic improvement, esthetic crown lengthening is also done for restorative facilitation of teeth with subgingival fractures and caries. When the teeth have been damaged or broken in the gum line, crown lengthening is used to prepare the area for new restoration and correct the broken teeth.

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-The Niagara Periodontics Team

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