The Right Treats for Your Teeth!

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We all enjoy indulging in our sweet tooth every now and then. How do you curb that craving, without risking your oral health? There are a few dental-friendly edibles that won’t cause cavities:

● Popcorn, no sugar, no butter, no problem.

● Cheese, calcium aside, cheese is amazing!

● Fresh fruit, enough said.

● Pumpkin & sunflower seeds, you can make your own!

● Smoothies, disclaimer- must be made of milk, yogurt & can only include fresh fruit.

● Sugar-free gum, fresh breath, people! It goes a long way.

As you can see, healthy teeth and enlightened taste buds do not have to be enemies. They go hand in hand with our sweet list of orally hygienic treats.

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– The Niagara Periodontics Team

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