Not Too Late For Those With Gum Disease

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When we are children, our gums fit snugly around our teeth and our gum tissue is healthy. Over time, however, and depending on how we care for our oral health, some of us develop gum diseases that can advance to the point of gum tissue decay. This decay causes pockets to form in the spaces between our teeth and our gums. Over time, these pockets underneath our gums can become larger and larger, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to live, and cause further damage in the form of tissue and bone loss. In severe cases, your periodontist may need to remove teeth as a result of the significant amount of bone loss.

If the pockets underneath your gums are too deep to clean at home, your periodontist may suggest specific procedures that can reduce the depth of the pockets underneath your gums, re-tighten gum tissue, and clear infection.

Depth reduction procedures involve folding back the gum tissue and removing any bacteria before securing the tissue back into place. If the teeth are smooth, it is a relatively simple procedure for as trained periodontist. In some cases, when the teeth show irregular surfaces, a periodontist may suggest smoothing the surfaces before securing the tissue, limiting the areas in which bacteria can live, and allowing the gum tissue to reattach to the tooth securely.

In many cases with those who have gum disease, maintaining a healthy smile is as simple as having bacteria removed by a periodontist on a regular basis, but when pockets underneath the gums become especially deep, it is essential to follow the suggestions of your healthcare professionals.

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– The Niagara Periodontics Team

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