Tobacco – A Threat to Oral Health!

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We have heard or read many articles and stories about the dangers of tobacco to your health. However, do you know the real trouble it can cause for your oral health?

Smoking tobacco products can worsen gum disease. Studies have shown that smokers are three to six times more likely to suffer from advanced gum disease the nonsmokers!

Tobacco’s greatest oral health threat may be in association with oral cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society reports approximately 90% of people with oral cancer have used tobacco. The risk escalates with increased use of tobacco over time.

Smokeless tobacco is unfortunately not any better. It causes both periodontal disease and cavities. The tobacco is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. When in your mouth, it collects food and debris which sits there for hours at a time! It is also full of chemicals known to cause cancers. By chewing it, you put these chemicals in direct contact with your mouth (instead of inhaling). The effect goes into your bloodstream much quicker.

Did you know holding smokeless tobacco in your mouth for 30 minutes is equivalent in nicotine to 4 cigarettes! This type increases your risks for developing cancers of the mouth. More specifically it has been linked to cancers of the cheek, gums and inner lips. Smokeless tobacco increases the risk of these types of cancers by almost 50 times!

After just a year of use, you may be able to see a white patch develop in your mouth. These are warning signs of cancer and should be tested as soon as possible.

Keep up with good oral health habits and contact Niagara Periodontics in St. Catharine’s for concerns with tobacco use and improving your oral health.

– Niagara Periodontics Team

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