Flossing – The Right Way!

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We know the importance of keeping a good oral care routine. If we don’t maintain those good habits, our teeth will suffer the consequences such as tooth decay, gingivitis, or even periodontitis! To help prevent these problems, it’s important to make sure you are brushing and flossing the right way. 
To get the most out of flossing be sure to follow these tips:
  • Floss everyday! 
  • Start with 18 inches of floss and wind around your finger, leaving abut an inch or two to floss with at a time
  • Make sure to hold the floss tautly between your thumb and index finger and slide gently between teeth
  • Curve the floss around the base of the tooth to make sure you get just under the gum line. Never  use force on this area as the gum tissue is very delicate. 
  • Clean the floss as you move from tooth to tooth 
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– The Niagara Periodontics Team 

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